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How To - Calendars and Schedules

SSE Riga lecture schedule is published in Google Calendars. They are accessible to anyone from both school and private accounts. The schedule is organized in 5 separate Calendars so anyone can choose which Calendars to track. These Calendars receive immediate updates from school administration.

The easiest way to keep updated with SSE Riga lecture schedule is to add the relevant Calendars to your own account and tracking your schedule through the Google Calendar website or various apps on your phone/tablet.

Keeping yourself updated with the latest information from school administration is a responsibility of every SSE Riga student as outlined in IT Rules and Regulations.

    Adding lecture schedule to your SSE Riga or personal Google Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. On the left-hand side, Next to Other calendars on the left, click the Down arrow
  3. Select Add by URL
  4. Enter a link for one of the SSE Riga calendars (links are listed below)
  5. Click Add Calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under Other calendars
You can add multiple or all SSE Riga calendars to your account and turn their visibility on or off at nay point.
After adding a calendar to your account, all events from this calendar will appear alongside your other calendar entries.
      Tracking Google Calendars on your mobile phone/tablet

Installing Google Calendar app on your phone or tablet is the easiest way to keep track of SSE Riga lecture schedule and events. Any other Calendar apps that support Google Calendars willwork as well.
Google Calendar for Android | Google Calendar for iOS

    Adding lecture schedule to your non-Google account

Google Calendars work with most other Calendar systems and Apps. In most cases instructions how to set this up can be found online. For additional assistance, you are always very welcome to visit IT Department.

If you want to add only specific events or lectures to your calendar: go to E-Learning -> find the necessary event in front-page calendar -> click on event name -> click "Copy to my calendar".

    If you want to check current day schedules, follow the link below