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E-mail on Your Blackberry

Note: While setup instructions are provided below, Gmail IMAP1 access is not officially supported for BlackBerry devices at this time.

To set up the BlackBerry's email client with SSE Riga email, just follow these steps:

    1. On your BlackBerry device, navigate to your home screen
    2. Select the icon that lets you set up email (this can be called Setup Wizard,Email SetupBlackBerry Set-upE-mail settings, or Personal Email Set-up)
      In the example below this icon can be seen and is called Setup

    3. Follow the setup instructions provided on your device to create a new e-mail account
    4. Be sure to enter the following:
      • Mail Server:
      • Username:
      • Password: [your SSE Riga E-mail password]
      • IMAP Port: 993

If setup is successful, you should receive a confirmation message and a new mailbox icon should appear on your device's home screen, labeled with your Google Apps email address.

If you encounter a problem during setup, please make sure you have enabled IMAP in your main Google Apps Mail settings.

For more information about Gmail on Blackberry phones visit the official Blackberry website.