How To - LAIS

What is LAIS?

LAIS is a student database that will hold your official study records and grades during your studies at SSE Riga.

SSE Riga students should check their LAIS records regularly and inform Student Services ( immediately in case there are any errors or missing grades.

How to check your grades on LAIS

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.
  3. Choose language in the upper-right corner (if necessary).
  4. Log in with your LAIS username and password.
    • Note: Your LAIS access information (username and password) is different from your SSE Riga account credentials (username and password). LAIS access information was provided to you during the first day of studies.
  5. When you logged in the platform go to Studies -> Grades -> Summary. Check your Grade Transcript.

If you cannot access and/or you have lost your access information (username and password), please send a request for a new password to