How To - Digital Exams

Digital Exam availability

Digital exams take place in courses where, with the assistance of DigiExam software, SSE Riga students write the exam on their own laptops.

Digital exams are only available in specific courses where subject material is suitable for a digital exam. The availability of a digital exam is announced before or during the course and all of the necessary information is posted on the e-platform course page.

Setting up DigiExam software

You have to install and test DigiExam software on your own laptop before arriving for exam. If you arrive at exam without a laptop ready to run DigiExam software, you will have to retake the exam at a later date.

DigiExam software will run on any laptop with Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X 10.8 or newer. The computer must also have at least 1GB of free hard drive space and enabled WiFi capability. For Windows laptops, administrative access is necessary to install DigiExam software. Guidelines how to install DigiExam software are available in DigiExam website.

When launched DigiExam will close all open programs and start up. You should save and close any open files before launching DigiExam. After handing in the digital exam, you will be logged out and you'll be able to log back in and resume normal work with your laptop.

If this is your first time taking a digital exam:

  1. To get DigiExam software, go to
  2. Download the DigiExam software and install it
  3. Make sure you have installed and tested DigiExam software before exam day! Use the Demo Exam available in DigiExam software.

If you have taken a digital exam before:

  1. At least a day before the exam, update and test DigiExam software on your laptop by re-running the Demo Exam.

Digital Exam procedure

If this is your first time taking an exam digitally - familiarize yourself with the digital exam procedure.

Digital Exams happen in SSE Riga auditoriums and normal exam procedure is followed. When taking a digital exam:

  • Student IDs are necessary to verify your identity
  • Make sure you correctly specify your name, surname and student ID in DigiExam software before starting the exam
  • At the start of the digital exam, exam access code will be given out at which point you will be able to start the exam
  • During the exam, exam monitors will confirm your identity and that you were taking the digital exam in an SSE Riga auditorium. Make sure you sign the exam sign-up sheet when starting and finishing the exam. If you are not confirmed as having taken the test in an auditorium, your result will not be counted.

The auditoriums will have power sockets and power extension cords provided during the exam.

Advice for Exam Day

On the day before the exam, make sure you have the latest updates and will not be disrupted on exam day. Guidelines how to check for updates on Windows are available here and how to check for updates on MacOSX are available here.

On exam day, connect your laptop to sseriga_public WiFi network. In case you disconnect from WiFi during the exam, reconnect to sseriga_public network using the network connection tool available in DigiExam.


What if something goes wrong with my laptop or WiFi during the exam?

Your answers are regularly backed up during the time you work in DigiExam. The answers are saved both locally on your computer and also on DigiExams servers.

  • In case you have issues with your laptop during exam, PCLab computers will be available as backups.
  • In case you are unable to connect to sseriga_public network at the start of the exam, notify an exam monitor who will then allow you to start the digital exam in offline mode from his USB stick. As soon as you connect to a wireless network during the exam, exam will seamlessly proceed in online mode.
  • In case you are unable to connect to sseriga_public network at the end of the exam, notify an exam monitor who will then collect an offline copy of your exam on his USB stick. This copy will be uploaded online after the exam has ended.

Isn't it possible to cheat if I am allowed to use my own laptop when writing an exam?

As you will see when you try out the DigiExam software for yourself, the program works in a way that makes it impossible to minimize it, Alt-Tab out of it, have other programs running alongside of it or using any other methods to access anything else on your computer. After DigiExam software has been started, the only way to exit it and access your computer, is to hand in the exam or shut down the computer.

More advanced approaches such as virtual machines, remote desktop connections etc. will not work either. DigiExam will refuse to start in a virtual machine and RDP/VNC connections (incoming or outgoing) will not be possible since Windows/Mac shell is unloaded before starting the software.

What about identity switching? Could digital exams make it easier to write exams using somebody else's name?

When writing an exam digitally you still must have your student ID card with you. Before starting the digital exam, you will have to specify your name, surname and student ID code. This information cannot be changed during the exam and is visible on the screen at all times. During the exam and when handing in the exam, monitors will check whether the name, surname and student ID on your ID card matches the one you specified in DigiExam software.

If a student is trying to submit the exam using another student's credentials, this will be treated like any other cheating issue.

In case of any further question about digital exams, please contact the IT Department (Room 504, 5th floor).