How To - Printing

During your studies at SSE Riga, you will be able to print at school premises using your SSE Riga account. Your account is used whenever you print from a computer in PCLab, SSE Riga Library or use web printing. Your SSE Riga account uses credits to "pay" for printing at SSE Riga premises. Printing credits are limited and are given once at the start of each semester so you have to be careful not to spend printing credits too soon.

Printing done with your SSE Riga account can be managed at! On you can check your SSE Riga account balance, see your recent print jobs and submit a document for Web printing (see below).

Printing credits

All SSE Riga students, including Exchange and Year4 students, receive 2.50 additional printing credits (equivalent to 250 printed pages) at the start of each semester. Unused credits are carried over to next semester up to a maximum of 10.00 credits (equivalent to 1000 printed pages). Printing costs 0.01 credit per page (single or double-sided). All printouts will be automatically deducted from your account. Once you have used all of your printing credits, it won't be possible to print any more pages using your SSE Riga account.


  • When printing a document the credits will be automatically deducted from the currently logged on student's account. You should be cautious not to leave your account logged in on a public computer!
  • Avoid unnecessary printing and conserve paper when printing is a must. Powerpoint slides/PDF presentations can be printed 2, 3 or 6 per page.
  • Your account will be deducted by a number of pages in the document which you uploaded to Web printing and printed at school premises. It is best to prepare and upload a document with unnecessary pages removed.
  • You can check your account balance at
  • Additional credits can be bought at the SSE Riga Library (Walenberg building, 6th floor) at a rate of EUR 0.07 per credit.

Check account balance in portal

To check how much printing credits your SSE Riga account has:

  • Go to
  • As Username enter your SSE Riga account username
  • As Password enter your SSE Riga account password and click Log in.
  • On the left side click on Summary
  • In the Summary section you will see Balance where you can check how much printing credits you used and how much printing credits you have.

Printing in PCLab (R511)

SSE Riga PCLab has a heavy-duty black-and-white printer as well as a backup printer to ensure high availability of printing services in the PCLab. These printers are accessible from all computers in the PCLab as well as by Web printing (see below). To use these printers, access any PCLab computer and send documents to SSE Riga PCLab printer.


  • In PCLab printouts cost 0.01 printing credits per page (single or double-sided)!
  • When printing, make sure SSE Riga PCLab printer is set as the default printer. If it is not, select SSE Riga PCLab printer from the printing menu in your application.
  • By default all print jobs are double-sided. If you want to print only on one side please remember to change the relevant setting in your application.
  • In case the printers in PClab are out of paper, extra paper can be taken from the Reception (1st floor).
  • If there are any problems with printing, please consult the instructions at the printers or find assistance at the IT Department in Room 504 (5th floor).

Printing/Scanning in Library

SSE Riga Library (Wallenberg building, 6th floor) has a multifunctional color printer. Color printing and scanning on this printer is available from the computers located in Library hallway.


  • In Library black-and-white printouts cost 0.02 credits per page (single or double-sided)! For larger printouts, use printers available in the PCLab.
  • Library printer by default is set to black-and-white printing. If you wish to print in color, click Print -> Printer Properties -> Paper/Quality section -> in Color select "Color" or click Print -> uncheck "Print in grayscale (black and white)".
  • Color printouts cost 0.1 credits per side! Carefully evaluate whether your printouts need to be in color!
  • Scanning is available straight to USB/e-mail as well as manually from the Library hallway computers. Ask librarian for help if needed!

Web printing - Printing from your own devices

You can upload documents to be printed out in the PCLab from your own devices using site. The printing menu is very simplistic - you cannot print specific pages or make other adjustments like printing 2 slides per page. All documents will be queued up for printing until you release them by using your student ID card at the printer in PCLab.

To print a document using Web printing:

  • Go to and login with your SSE Riga account info (username and password)
  • Go to Web Print section -> Submit a Job and upload your document.
  • Once uploaded, the document will be sent to PCLab printer's printing queue where it will stay until released.
  • In PCLab, scan your SSE Riga student ID card at the printer and release your submitted documents for printing.